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Bringing Communities Together.

At Moweco, we're bringing back that feeling of community spirit and pride. All of our lawn mowing service providers are local, and we even use electric and manual equipment which is healthier for them, quieter for your community and better for the environment.

Services Offered

  • Single Lawn Mowing Service

    Includes string trimming, and Blowing of debris.
  • Weekly Lawn Mowing Service

    Includes Trimming, and Blowing of Debris. Price discounted for weekly customers.

Additional Services

  • Bagging

    Grass clippings bagged and left for city pickup.
  • Spring Cleanup

    Light leaf rake of grass, rake out snow mold and other debris. Bagged and left for city pickup.
  • Fall Cleanup

    Leafs and debris raked up and removed. Grass cut down short for winter and makes for easy spring cleanup.

starting at just $21.99

Best of all, we accomplish all of this while providing a surprisingly inexpensive service, starting at just $21.99 for a weekly lawn mowing service. We invite you to learn how everyone wins when you mow with Moweco.

Are You Looking for the Best Summer Job in Winnipeg?

Being a Moweco service provider will help you earn great money over the summer while still giving you time to have a life. If you possess a solid work ethic, strong customer service skills and a spark of entrepreneurism, we would love to hear from you!

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