Moweco Privacy Policy


Moweco is strongly committed to safeguarding customer and contractor privacy and protecting the personal and business information you provide to us.

This Privacy Policy describes our policies and procedures on the collection, use, and disclosure of the information collected through our websites, mobile applications and other sources.

Information we collect

As part of our normal business operation, we collect information about our customers and our service providers (both as employees or as independent contractors) through a variety of methods:

  • Information Provided by Customers: We collect standard information about the location and scope of the work ordered by customers so we can price and describe the services to be performed by the Service Providers (the "Work"). This information is shared with the Service Provider(s) who perform the services on customer property. This information is saved in our System-as-a-Service software (the Moweco "Site"). Only authorised Service Providers with a valid user account to the Site and who is assigned to perform that specific Work. This information is kept on the Site as part of your account to simplify ordering future services. The site has a mechanism where all of your account information can be removed if you no longer to wish to use the Site. Note that financial transactions need to be retained to comply with Federal income tax regulations. They will be tied to your user account number which will no longer have your personal information. Except where it is required in order to perform the Work customers have ordered and collect payment for Work performed, WE DO NOT SELL OR SHARE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION WITH 3RD PARTIES.
  • Payment Information Provided by Customers: Moweco uses Stripe, a 3rd party credit card processing service, for credit card processing. Moweco staff or sub-contractors never come into contact with your credit card information. The Strip service retains credit card information on their secure server for convenient re-occurring payments
  • Information Provided by Service Providers: Service providers must use the Site to access and organise Work to be performed for customers. As an employee of Moweco or as a sub contractor, all Service Providers are required to provide their personal or business information as part of their account. This information would follow the same standards as employee or sub contractor information gathered using traditional paper forms. Service Provider information does need to be retained by Moweco even if the Service provider ceases to be a Moweco employee or sub contractor. The standards by which this information is retained and held private shall be in compliance with the jurisdiction where the Service Provider performed Work for Moweco
  • "Cookie" Information: The Site is in a constant state of development. At any time, Moweco may or may not be using Cookies to enhance your user experience. We also log user interactions with the site. Logs are ties to user accounts and do not directly contain personal information.
  • Location Awareness: Moweco uses location information which is an important aspect of the Service Provider interaction with the Site. We use this information to audit Work performed and it may be used in other ways to improve the customer experience or improve Service Provider performance. When you use the Site, it will ask that Location Services on your device or browser be enabled. Service Providers must permit the Site to collect this information. The Site does not continuously track users. It will only collect a location when certain functions are initiated in the site, such as indication that Work has been completed. Customers may experience conveniences by enabling location awareness but it is not required to use the Site
  • E-mail Communications: We use e-mail as the primary form of communication with customers and Service Providers. Some of these e-mails contain links that are designed to initiate functions within the Site without the user having to log in and perform them manually. Interaction with these links are considered actionable instructions by the customer or Service Provider and are logged as part of our contractors and to relay communication between them. Regarding anti-spam legislation, the opening of an account is considered your authorisation to send you emails that are relevant to Moweco activates. You can manage what we send you through email in the preferences section of your account.
  • Internal Communications: We consider the information exchange between customers and Service Providers to be an essential part of delivering the best service and Work efficiency. The Site features an internal communication tool which is a direct link between Customers and their Service Provider. These communications remain tied to a customer account and may be referenced by other Service Providers or Moweco Administrative staff in the event the original Service Provider retires or is otherwise unable to perform Work and therefore should not be considered private communication between parties.

Account security

Never disclose the credentials of your Moweco user account to anyone, including persons claiming to be Moweco representatives. We will never ask for your account information nor can we access your passwords. If you share your password or your personal information with others, remember that you are responsible for all actions taken within your account. If your password has been compromised for any reason, you must notify Moweco and change your password immediately.