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At Moweco, we pride ourselves on offering a smarter approach to lawn mowing service. It all starts with our patented Sharing Economy Software that allows us to assign "close to home" assignments to our lawn care team. This means that our team members can start their days from home, eliminating the need to drive their personal vehicles to an office and then drive company trucks back into their neighbourhood to complete jobs.

This cuts out a large operational to the price of your lawn mowing service, and also keeps a lot of emissions out of our atmosphere.

Mother Nature Will Thank You

Speaking of better environmental practices, did we mention that our lawn mowing service providers use all electric and human-powered maintenance equipment brought to your home using a bike and trailer? There is never any gas to spill and there is significantly less noise pollution. You can also feel good knowing that the person working for you is getting great exercise and he or she doesn't have to spend their days breathing fumes from gas powered lawn equipment.

We Believe in Old Fashioned Service

Just because you're saving money and giving the Earth a big hug doesn't mean you have to give up great customer service. In fact, you can expect a greater level of personalized service from our team since your Moweco service provider has a one-to-one relationship with you and your property. If you are ever unsatisfied, Moweco management is here to ensure things are made right.

So why not see how affordable the greatest mowing service around can be?

Starting at just $21.99 for a weekly mow and trim.

All of our lawn mowing service providers are local, and we even use electric and manual equipment which is healthier for them, quieter for your community and better for the environment.

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Being a Moweco service provider will help you earn great money over the summer while still giving you time to have a life. If you possess a solid work ethic, strong customer service skills and a spark of entrepreneurism, we would love to hear from you!

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Our packages:

  Single Mow

Trimming Included. Order mows as you need them. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for service to be completed.

  Seasonal Package

Trimming included. Mows are charged in blocks of 4. A new block is ordered once 4 are completed. See terms of service for details.

Our additional services: