Become a Mower

Kit Operators Wanted!

Moweco is looking for hard working and entrepreneurial people to mow and trim lawns within their own communities. Unlike other lawn mowing companies, Moweco uses a distributed workforce of Kit Operators. A “kit” is a custom made trailer and electric lawn equipment that the operator can transport from house-to-house by bicycle. This offers several advantages over traditional summer jobs: there is no need to commute to work and the earning potential is exceptional.

Being a Kit Operator is like owning your own small business without the high start-up cost. We assist with acquiring initial and ongoing clients. You will ensure their continued satisfaction with your attention to detail and excellent customer service.

As a Kit Operator, you are not hired by Moweco. Instead, you are sub-contracted as an owner/operator. You receive 75% to 80% of the cost of each lawn you mow as compensation.

Position Responsibilities

Receive and properly operate Moweco lawn equipment and bike accessories

Receive a reoccurring list of neighbourhood customers to mow through an app on your smartphone

Bike from lawn to lawn, performing services to the standards of each client

Report progress through an app installed on your smartphone

Perform regular maintenance on your equipment (training provided)

Deliver exceptional customer service at all times.

Minimum Requirements

Complete a vetting process where you will demonstrate the competency to safely use Moweco issued equipment and software, and high standards in customer service

Live in the neighbourhood where you will perform services

Own a bike in decent repair and be able to have Moweco accessories installed

Work outdoors and perform physical tasks for long periods

Ability to safely and securely store kit equipment when off duty

Own an iOS or Android smartphone

Excellent communication, problem-solving and customer service skills

If you are interested in operating a Moweco Kit in your own neighbourhood, please fill in the information below. By doing so, you are stating that you meet the minimum requirements and are capable of performing position responsibilities. A Moweco representative will contact you to further discuss the position and answer any questions you may have.