Why is Moweco less expensive than the other guys?

The answer is quite simple.  Traditional lawn mowing companies charge on a monthly basis.  This is not to give the customers the best possible price.  This is for cost certainty to the business owners who have to pay their employees and pay for other overhead expenses.  Moweco eliminates these expenses while eliminating emissions at the same time.  Saving our customers money.
At Moweco we pay our employees for each mow completed on your property.  This means in the hot months, such as July and August if your lawn does not need to be mowed, YOU DON'T PAY.  It is rarely necessary for a property to be mowed on a weekly basis through drought stress conditions.  Not only is it not necessary, but it is stressful to the lawn on top of the drought stress the lawn is already experiencing which will further slow turf growth. 
Let's compare Moweco to other traditional lawn mowing companies:
(Standard 2,000 sq ft of turf area.)
Other Mowing Companies (Monthly charge):
$120/mth for 5 months = $600 per season or $30 per mow.
Moweco (Per mow charge):
$21.99 per mow for 5 months or approximately 17 mows = $373.83 or $74.77 per month.
Them: $120/mth
Moweco: $74.77/mth
As shown, comparing Moweco's $21.99 per mow x 4 mows in a month price, to other companies monthly mowing cost, is not a fair comparison.
Every property is different.  For our customers who use fertilizers, a weekly mow may be necessary.  Our Service Providers come by your property weekly to be sure, whether or not, your property needs to be mowed.  We work with our customer's expectations, in terms of, what it means to need mowing service.
So why not use a more inexpensive, timely, quiet, eco-friendly option to mow your property?
Cause little changes make a big difference! : )



About Moweco January 22, 2020