What is thatch? And do you have too much?

Like many plants, grass has a belowground root system topped by a living, aboveground shoot that’s green and growing. In between lies a layer known as thatch. Some thatch is natural and good for a lawn, but too much can usher in problems.

Comprised of leaves, stems and roots – some living, some dead – thatc...

Lawn Care Practices May 7, 2017

Lawn Mowing Best Practices

Proper lawn maintenance can make a big difference in maintaining the condition of a healthy lawn. Mowing is often viewed as one of the most important and beneficial practices you, as a home owner can do. The taller the plant, the deeper the roots and the thicker the lawn will be. A thick lawn is your best defense against weeds, disease and insect infestation....

Lawn Care Practices April 17, 2017

What do we use to service your lawn?

Lawn Care Practices April 4, 2017